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Academic Renewal Form

Admission Hold Extension

Admission Hold Review

Affiliate Graduate Faculty Nomination

Application for Degree: Certificate of Education Specialist

Application for Degree: Doctoral Degree

Application for Degree: Doctoral Degree Update

Application for Degree: Graduate Certificate

Application for Degree: Master's Degree

Application for Degree: Master's Degree Update

Application for Degree: Online Graduate Certificate

Application for degree: Online Master's Program


CGS Memo Resolution

Course Revalidation


Dean Appointment

Declaration of Co-Authorship

Deferral Request (Admitted Students)

Department Specific Requirements

Department Specific Virtual Info Session

Dissertation Approval Form

Dissertation Approval Form

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Extraordinary Deferral Request


Fine Arts - Studio Thesis/Dissertation Template


General Questions

General Virtual Graduate Info Session

Grad Admission Brochures

Grad HelpDesk Request

Graduate Assistant Evaluation

Graduate Defense Results

Graduate School Requirements


Humanities Thesis/Dissertation Template


Letters of Recommendation

Louisiana Residency Appeal Form

Low GPA Petition Domestic (Faculty Only)

Low GPA Petition International (Faculty Only)

LSU Concierge Document Inquiry

LSU Concierge Request

LSU Online Transcripts


Masters Course Revalidation

Missing Transcript Inquiry: International Transcripts

Missing Transcript Inquiry: Sent by Mail

Missing Transcript Inquiry: Sent Electronically


Remote Participation Form

Request for Accelerated Master's Program

Request for Change in Degree Program

Request for Change of Department

Request for Course Pass/Fail

Request for Degree Candidate/ Title Change

Request for Dual Degree

Request for Final Doctoral Defense

Request for Graduates Credit for LSU Seniors

Request for Prior Learning Assessment Credits

Request for Transfer Credit

Request to Change Defense Date

Residency Appeal

Residency Appeal for Admits Prior to Fall 2019


Schedule Document Submission Appointment

Schedule Document Submission Appointment

Scholastic Reinstatement Petition

Science Thesis/Dissertation Template

Submit Not Attending Notification

Submit Title Change

Survey of Earned Doctorates


Thesis Approval Form

Thesis Approval Form

Time Limit Extension Petition


Verification of Graduate Concentration

Verification of Graduate Concentration


Withdrawal Request