Slate Admission FAQs

Transcripts, Test Scores, and Other Supporting Documentation

Unofficial transcripts may be uploaded to the Slate application system for review; however it will be considered unofficial but can be used to process your application for admission for departmental review. Applicants who qualify for admissions will be admitted on a provisional basis until official transcripts are submitted.

Applicants who are admitted provisionally based on any unofficial transcripts will be required to submit the official transcript 30 days after classes start for the semester of entry. If official transcripts are not submitted 30 days after classes started, an admissions hold will be place on the student’s academic record preventing registration.

The official transcripts will be compared to any unofficial documents used for admission. If discrepancies are identified, your admission may be rescinded.

Please Note: The official transcript requirement will remain as outstanding on your Slate application checklist. However, this will not prevent your application from proceeding to "departmental review".

Additional information can be found at:

When will I be notified whether or not I am admitted?

Application decisions are dependent on a few factors; 1.) Its timely submission, 2.) Departmental review, and 3.) Admission by the LSU Graduate School. Individual departments and programs may set deadlines that are much earlier than this deadline.

Consult the department’s website for application deadlines. If you are seeking financial aid, including assistantships and fellowships, departments generally decide upon awards early in the calendar year. You are strongly urged to apply early to be considered for aid.

Graduate School:

Program & Degrees:

What constitutes an official transcript?

Official transcripts are considered “official” if they have an original signature of a school official or an original school seal from the issuing institutions. Accepted signatures include the Registrar, Principal, Controller of Examinations, or The Ministry of Education.

Photocopies or other duplications of a transcript, such as notarized copies, faxed, or scanned documents are not considered official. A transcript is considered official if it is sent directly from the applicant’s home institution to The Graduate School.

Admission Requirements:

How do I send official test scores?

Official test results are required from a nationally standardized graduate admission test, such as the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), or an equivalent test that is acceptable for the program to which you are applying.

Because these tests are required by departments rather than by the Graduate School, contact your program of interest ( for more information.

Please use ETS institution code 6373 when submitting scores to LSU. The Department of Accounting does not accept the GRE.

What is a Statement of Activities?

Check your résumé to account for activities during the time period before and/or after previous attendance at LSU. If there is a gap in time between last dates cited and present date, please submit a statement of activities and explanation in a Microsoft Word document.

I'm an international applicant, When will I receive my I-20 documents?

For international students who need to apply for the F-1 or J-1 student visas, there are deadlines for processing Initial I-20 or DS-2019 forms that are needed for visa applications. For LSU admissions applications that do not have a decision made before the following deadlines, no initial I-20s or DS-2019s will be issued.

I-20 / DS-2019 deadline Information:

Registration and Enrollment

We're glad you're joining us as a new graduate student at the LSU! We've compiled everything you need to get started with your graduate degree.

New Student Checklist:

When can I register for courses?

Incoming students should consult with their advisors before scheduling courses. Students are responsible for knowing and observing registration deadlines.

myLSU Portal: How to Schedule & Drop Courses:

I can't come this semester. How do I defer my term/module?

Not Admitted:

Applicants who have not been admitted can defer their application to the following semester for admissions review. The application will be reviewed based on the new semester admission requirements. All required materials must be submitted prior to the evaluation. The application fee will not be applied.  If the applicants wishes to defer beyond one semester, a new application, updated admission materials, and application fee will be required.


Applicants who have been admitted are able to request a deferral from their admitted department. However, admissions can only be deferred up to two subsequent semesters. Department approval must be submitted to the graduate admissions office for review.

If the admitted applicant wishes to defer beyond two semesters, a new application, updated admission materials, and application fee will be required.

When is Graduate Student Orientation for new students?

The New Graduate Student Orientation provides information to ease your transition into graduate school and introduces you to campus services and involvement opportunities.

Look out for an email soon with more details.

What is the time limit for a degree program?

Completion of the degree is dependent of your completed prerequisites and number of course enrollment per semester. More information on degree completion can be found at the link below:

Program & Degrees:

How much will it cost to attend LSU?

Estimated yearly cost is an estimate of the cost for the upcoming academic year based on the actual cost for the current academic year. The estimated cost below is based on the 2020-21 academic year and is subject to change.

Estimated Yearly Cost:

Funding and Residency

LSU and academic departments offer fellowships, assistantships, tuition awards, and grants. Please note that some funding opportunities and admissions deadlines are the same. Contact the academic department for information about funding opportunities. We encourage you to explore other funding opportunities also.

Funding & Financial Aid:

Where can I find Assistantships?

Graduate assistants help faculty members teach classes, conduct research or handle day-to-day administration tasks. Most assistantships are awarded at time of admission, but opportunities may also be available for current students. Your program department is the best source for information about assistantship opportunities.

Non-discipline specific and administrative assistantships are listed in the Graduate School’s weekly announcements during the academic year when they become available. Also, learn more about assistantships policies & guidelines.

Weekly Announcements:

Assistantship Policies & Benefits:

I am an LSU Online student. Am I able to apply for a graduate assistantship?

At this time, LSU Online students are not allowed to hold graduate assistantships.

How do I get a tuition award?


Fellowships are short term, professional development opportunities. Unlike internships, fellowship programs generally offer a stipend. Occasionally, additional benefits like healthcare, housing, or student loan repayment are offered. Fellowships are competitive programs that can be awarded, administered, and funded by universities and colleges, corporations, nonprofits, foundations, media groups, and governmental entities.



Graduate Student Association Travel Award

This award provides reimbursement of approved travel expenses to qualified students who attend widely recognized, professional conferences to present the results of their research.

Dissertation Awards

Once your dissertation has been completed and submitted to the Graduate School, you should consider submitting it to any dissertation award contests sponsored by your department and/or professional organizations in your discipline.