Request for Dual Degree


Form for individuals who has discussed with their home department and secondary department about their interest in pursuing a dual degree at LSU. This form must be filled out by both departments and submitted during a regular semester or summer term. 


Currently Enrolled Graduate Student

Submission Deadline 

Not Available

Prerequisites for Form Submission

Discuss with your home department your desire to pursue a dual degree and any effects this on your current degree program. Complete the Student and Home Department portions of this form. Visit the department in which you wish to obtain the second degree, to see if you meet their requirements and to determine if they would consider you as a potential graduate student. If the second department wishes to see your credentials, they should request copies from your home department or request in writing from the Graduate School. Records will not be released to the student.

If the second department agrees to the dual degree program, complete the second department portion of the form and forward to the Graduate School Academic Services office ( for approval. Requests must be submitted during a regular semester or summer term (not between semesters) in order to be effective for the next semester of enrollment. (Example: A request received in the Graduate School before fall commencement will be effective for the spring semester.). Copies of this completed form will be sent to both department.          




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