Admission Hold Review

Please review all of the following information before submitting this request.

This request is for exceptional circumstances where an admission hold is placed by error on a student's account. Please follow these steps to determine whether this is the correct form to use. 

  1.  When trying to register on MyLSU make sure that you receive the message: "Ineligible to register - please contact the Office of Admissions". 
  2. If you do have an admissions hold, first visit your admissions portal and check if you have any missing documents. The Graduate School sends out bi-weekly reminders to all students of any missing documents that they may have. If you are missing official documents for full admission please send them to The Graduate School as soon as possible. 
  3. If you believe that you have turned in all materials and they are not appearing on your admissions portal, please use the following link to send a request to our Documents and Imaging department to locate a transcript that has already been sent.
  4. If you have submitted all documents and they appear on your checklist, please use the Request Service button below to request an Admissions Hold Review. 

This service will be routed to the responsible graduate admissions officer. 

Review Hold


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Tue 10/6/20 1:19 PM
Tue 11/10/20 3:04 PM