LSU Concierge Document Inquiry

All other general inquiries concerning transcript statuses or other document-related issues for LSU Online students are to be submitted here.

Please include as much of the following as you can:

  • Name and details of applicant/student requesting assistance.
  • Inclusion of SLATE/Mainframe ID (preferably SLATE). (Unknown aliases can often be the culprit behind a presumably lost transcript.)
  • Document receipts from e-mails. (e.g. When a student has requested or transmitted a transcript, which e-mail said transcript was delivered to, etc. Details help us track down the issue faster.)
  • Detailed explanation of the current issue.
  • An indication if you have reached out to Undergraduate Admissions already.
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Wed 10/7/20 4:28 PM
Wed 10/14/20 9:56 AM