Science Thesis/Dissertation Template


The Graduate School has provided four Microsoft Word templates in the required LSU format for your thesis or dissertation. Each features slight differences to serve students in Humanities, Sciences, or Fine Arts. For students who need it, we also include a LaTeX template. Choose the template that will best suit the norms of your field. Each one can be edited to accommodate your specific document.  

The Humanities, Sciences, and Fine Arts templates are each accompanied by a guide sheet that will supplement the information supplied on the templates themselves. You may wish to print out the guide sheet and keep it nearby as you work through the blending of the template and your document. Guides are divided into the specific sections in your theses and dissertations.  

The complete formatting guidelines, Thesis & Dissertation Handbook, is available on this website and is recommended reading for all. Even if you choose to use a template, the guidelines contain valuable information that will answer most of your questions.  


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