Masters Course Revalidation


Graduate certificates must be completed within five years from entrance into a certificate program. Coursework older than five years may not be used. Credit for individual courses taken at LSU more than five years before the termination of a program may be revalidated by the student’s graduate committee through an examination.

This examination may be oral, written, or both oral and written, depending on the requirements of the department concerned. The documentation of such an examination must be signed by the department’s graduate advisor and reported to the Graduate School on the “Course Revalidation form” before the degree audit will be approved.

Students are responsible for verifying if their department has a revalidation policy. No more than 50 percent of the courses in a student’s certificate program may be revalidated and counted toward the degree requirements.  ​​


Graduate Faculty (if form is for student then this needs to be filled out by graduate faculty)

Submission Deadline 

This form has a specific data that is specified in the Graduate School Calendars by Fall Spring and Summer semester. These semesters are further broken down into Main Campus and Online School Modules. The deadline for this form can be found in the link below. Follow the link and then click the correct semester you intend to graduate. 

Graduate School Calendars

Prerequisites for Form Submission

All areas must be filled out to be accepted by graduate faculty. 



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