Services A-Z (260)


911Cellular Panic Button Install Request


Academic Technology Training Request

Active Directory Permissions

ADA Accessibility Concerns Report

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud Ad-Hoc License

Adobe Sign

Adobe Troubleshooting

Airtable Troubleshooting

Airtable User Access Request

ArcGIS Troubleshooting

Architectural Plan Review Request

Archive Microsoft Teams

Article Creation

Article Feedback

AV Room Evaluation


Backup General Inquiry

Backup Restoration Request

Backup Troubleshooting

BioSci - IT Support Request

BioSci - Work Request

Box Troubleshooting

Broadcast Email Permissions

Broadcast Email Troubleshooting


Cable TV Troubleshooting

Camera System Access Management

Camera System Video Request

Change or Remove Backup

Change or Remove Virtual Server

Classroom IT Troubleshooting

Classroom Software Install Request

Classroom Technology Training

College of Business - IT Support Request

College of Business - Software Installation Request

College of Engineering - IT Support Request

Computer Lab General Inquiry

Computer Lab Hardware Troubleshooting

Computer Lab Software Request

Computer Lab Software Troubleshooting

Computer Troubleshooting


Data & Strategic Analytics Request

Data Access

Data Center Inquiry

Data Center Non-Billable Equipment Move

Data Center Power Leasing

Data Center Rack Leasing

Database Support

Delegate Mailbox Access

Department or Secondary Account Password Reset

Department or Secondary Account Troubleshooting

Desktop Operations Project Meeting Request

Develop/Modify Tableau Visualizations

DNS A Record



DNS SRV Record

DNS TXT Record



Elements Troubleshooting

EMSS - IT Support Request


Faculty 360 Troubleshooting

Faculty/Staff Moodle Troubleshooting

Fee Bill Questions

Fee Bill Troubleshooting

Fiber and Phone Cable Troubleshooting

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber Optic Circuit

File Share General Inquiry

File Share Troubleshooting

Financial Aid Questions

Firewall Change


GeauxGrants New Campus Profile

GeauxGrants Troubleshooting

General VPN Inquiry

Graduate Admissions Assistance

Grammarly Troubleshooting

Guest Account Access Management


HPC Training

HPC User Support & Consultation

HRM Communications Request

HSE - IT Support Request


IBM SPSS License Request

IBM SPSS Troubleshooting

Information Security Policy Exemption

International Dialing Request

Investigate Wireless Coverage

IP Address Management Troubleshooting

iThenticate Account Request

ITS Computer Store Request


Lab Printing General Inquiry

Lab Printing Hardware Troubleshooting

Lab Printing Software Troubleshooting

Large Documents

Large Format Poster Printing

Law Account Management AD Permissions

Law Account Management Onboarding/Offboarding Employees

Law Center Calendar Submission

Law Center Copier Problems

Law Center Directory Update

Law Center Ed Tech Support

Law Center Exam4 Problem

Law Center General Troubleshooting

Law Center Student Organization Website Request

Law Center Student Printing

Law Center Vanity URL

Law Center Web Access Requests

Law Center Website Troubleshooting

Law Library Scanners

Listserv Creation

Listserv Troubleshooting

LSU Continuing Education Support Request

LSU Email Troubleshooting

LSU Transcript Request


Mainframe Access Management

Mainframe Account Troubleshooting

Mainframe Application Support

Mainframe Default Printer Change

Mainframe ID Kickout

Mainframe Password Reset

Mainframe Printing Troubleshooting

Mainframe Run Request Permission

Mass Comm - IT Support Request

Microsoft Office 365 Troubleshooting

Microsoft Office Installation Assistance

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Visio

Mocha Software Access

Modify Fax Service Request

Modify Storage

Moodle Cross-Enrollment Request

Moodle New Feature Request

MS Teams Room Pro License Request

myLSU Account Management Troubleshooting

myLSU Password Reset

myLSU Portal Ad

myLSU Portal Troubleshooting

myProxy Account Request

myProxy Password Reset


Navigate Troubleshooting

Network Configuration Consulting

Network Drive/Folder Access Request

Network Security

New Backup

New Broadcast Email List

New Cable TV Service

New Department or Secondary Account

New Fax Service Request

New Guest Account

New Image Package Request

New Mainframe Account

New Microsoft Teams

New Project Request

New Software Center Application Request

New Storage

New Unifyed ChatBot Service

New Virtual Server

New Workstation Driver Hosting


OCE Data & Reporting Troubleshooting

OCE Equipment Setup Request

OCE Fileserver Troubleshooting

OCE Other

OCE Outreach Troubleshooting

OCE Password Reset Request

OCE Registration System Troubleshooting

OneDrive Troubleshooting

Ownership Change


Panopto Account Request

PCR 360 Troubleshooting

PCR 360 User Management Request

Phishing General Inquiry

Phone Service - New Request

Phone Service Cabling

Phone Service Troubleshooting

Portable Audio/Video Equipment Checkout

Printing Troubleshooting

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Public Policy Research Lab (PPRL) IT Support Request


Qualtrics Troubleshooting


Remove Phone Service

Remove Storage

Report Camera Malfunction

Request a New Camera(s)


SAM Profiles

SAS/BI Services

Schedule Large Capacity Zoom Webinar

Schedule Request Troubleshooting

Scheduling Questions

Security Consulting

Security Incident Response

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) Troubleshooting

Specialty Paper

Student Media Appointment Request

Student Media IT Support Request

Student Moodle Troubleshooting


Tableau Creator License

Tableau Inquiry

Tableau Server Site

Teams Troubleshooting

Tigerware General Inquiry

TSP Departmental Ticket Access


Undergraduate Admissions Assistance

Unifyed ChatBot Troubleshooting


Vanity URL

Vendor VPN

VetMed Application/Share Permission Request

VetMed Application/Share Troubleshooting

VetMed Applications/SharePoint Request

VetMed Data Query

VetMed Equipment Installation

VetMed Horizon Troubleshooting

VetMED Other

VetMed Purchasing Request

VetMed Reboot Server

VetMed Restore Missing or Deleted File

VetMed Statistical Services

Virtual Server Backup

Virtual Server Consultation

Virtual Server General Inquiry

Virtual Server Snapshot Request

Virtual Server Troubleshooting

VLAB Inquiry

VLAB Troubleshooting

VLAN Change

Voicemail PIN Reset

VPN Troubleshooting

VTH IT Support

Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation


Wasabi Cloud Storage

Wired Network Cabling Design Inquiry

Wired Network Connection

Wired Network Estimate Request

Wired Network Troubleshooting

Wireless Guest Account

Wireless Troubleshooting

Workday Access

Workday Finance (FIN) Inquiry

Workday Human Resources (HR) Inquiry

Workday ID Update

Workday Supervisory Organization Request

Workday Troubleshooting


Zoom Data Request

Zoom Exceptions

Zoom Troubleshooting

Zoom Webinar Change