Phone Service - New Request

What is it?

Microsoft Teams Telephony is an additional feature of Teams that enables the user to receive and place calls within the tool. This service enables you to ensure new employees are enabled with MS Teams Telephony features. We can only migrate LSU employees whose primary appointment is with the LSU A&M campus. Please contact IT support for the employee’s primary campus-institution, for example, for the LSU AgCenter, please contact the LSU AgCenter Help Desk.

For new hires, a phone number will be assigned to them. It is not possible for departments to reuse existing phone numbers, nor can the employee choose their phone number.  For existing employees, their phone number will be migrated during the next MS Teams Telephony migration.

Who is eligible?

LSU A&M Faculty & Staff

How do I get it?

Click the "Request Service" button on this page. 

Request Service


Service ID: 818
Wed 1/25/23 2:29 PM
Wed 1/25/23 3:23 PM