Communication & Collaboration

Assistance related to LSUMail, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, listservs, phone/voice services, and other communication and collaboration tools.

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Assistance for LSUMail related issues. LSUMail is powered by Microsoft Office 365 and is provided to all students, faculty, and staff.

Broadcast Email

Services related to Broadcast services offered by LSU.

Microsoft Teams

Services relating to the Microsoft Teams application. Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and communications platform that combines Voice and Video web calling, instant messaging, and group collaboration into one application.


Assistance for the Zoom web conferencing tool available to all LSU A&M faculty, staff, and students. Zoom may be accessed at


Assistance for LSU e-mail newsletters, announcement lists, and discussion forums. New listservs are available to all faculty, staff, and student organizations on campus.

Cable TV

Services relating to on-campus cable tv.

Phone Services

Services relating to campus provided phone services including long distance, call center requests, and phone troubleshooting issues.


Assistance for all issues relating to Microsoft OneDrive. Microsoft OneDrive for Business is a file sharing and storage service that is included with LSUMail that is available to all students, faculty, and staff.


Assistance for the Box cloud solution that allows you to back up documents to the cloud, and share desired files with friends and coworkers.

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911Cellular Panic Button Install Request

For requesting the installation of the 911Cellular Panic Button software on an LSU owned device.