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Ask general questions about Virtual Server Services

Request consultation regarding virtual server configuration, backup, replication, sizing, and pricing

Request troubleshooting assistance with existing Virtual Server services

Request a 24-hour snapshot of a virtual server

Request backup services for virtual servers.

Request new virtual server services.

Request change or removal of virtual server services.

Request to create a new site within the Tableau Server or request to remove a site that is no longer in use.

Request to reboot a particular server. (Omnicell, Medicus, Cornerstone, etc)

Request restoration of virtual server data from backup. Restoration can be performed for a entire virtual server, individual disk, or file level

Troubleshooting for Horizon such as unable to login to the server, having video issues, etc.

Request new backup services of virtual server & file share services to protect and safeguard data.

Request change or removal of backup services of virtual server & file share services.

Request meeting with Field Consulting staff to discuss your IT support needs.

Ask general questions about Backup & Replication Services