Popular Services

Online portal where feedback in the form of the survey where students who have earned doctorate degrees from LSU can submit feedback about their experience over their LSU academic career.

Request to defer semester of entry for admitted students. Department must support the deferral for all admitted students.

Form to be filled out by graduate faculty for defense results.

Form to request a defense date change.

This form must be submitted to The Graduate School three weeks prior to the defense date or by current semester deadline for graduation.

A student who is not listed as first author of a previously published, jointly written article used as part of his or her dissertation must submit this form to the LSU Graduate School prior to uploading the dissertation to Digital Commons. Please attach form to this request.

This is the temporary form for LSU Concierge Request until the new Enrollment Officer is hired.

Deferral request which requires approval.

Louisiana Residency Request for LSU Graduate Students.

IT Services for LSU Graduate School staff.

Students must have earned 9 hours of graduate residence credit in a degree program at LSU and be in academic good standing before submitting this form. Please attach form to this request.

This form is for a student to petition scholastic reinstatement.

This form is to Request for Degree Candidate Deletion or Title Change Form.

Verification by the appropriate faculty and department concentration coordinator, must be submitted whenever the student has met concentration requirements. Please attach form to this request.

Form filled out by faculty to academic renewal.

Faculty use request for a student to be able to come in with a GPA below standards

Credit for individual courses taken at LSU more than five years before the termination of a program may be revalidated by the student’s graduate committee through an examination. Please attach form to this request.

Form to be submitted if departments with approved concentrations are responsible for verifying concentration requirements for their students. Please attach form to this request.

UPDATED GRADUATE ASSISTANTS: Policies, Procedures, and Best Practices