The Office of Data and Strategic Analytics spearheads the university's data collection, analysis, and reporting efforts at LSU and also serves as a driver for data-informed executive decision-making. The ODSA plans to be instrumental in identifying avenues for improvement across diverse sectors such as university planning, student enrollment and retention, student success, financial aid, and staffing, among others.

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Data & Strategic Analytics Request

The ODSA works closely with multiple stakeholder groups, including administrators, faculty, staff, and external organizations, to understand institutional data and make it accessible and useful. Through workshops, consultation, data acquisition, and collaborative projects, ODSA aim to help these stakeholders understand how to harness the power of data effectively for their specific needs. If you're seeking to acquire institutional data, need analytic support, decision-making insights, or consultation, please complete the request form.

If you are requesting individual-level student data, you must fill in the Office of the University Registrar's Ad Hoc Query Request Form instead: If you are requesting summary-level (aggregate) data, then please continue with this form.