Computers & Printing

Services that support access and use of community members’ devices and related peripherals. Includes desktop and mobile device support, printing and related services.

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HPC Resources

Services related to HPC Account Management, Troubleshooting, & Training.

High Performance Computing (HPC) at LSU, or HPC @ LSU, is a joint partnership between LSU's Center for Computation & Technology (CCT) and LSU's Information Technology Services (ITS). We promote scientific computing and technology across all disciplines, enabling education, research and discovery through the use of emerging, advanced technologies. HPC @ LSU provides the infrastructure and support necessary to facilitate heroic research efforts, utilizing cutting-edge technology to push the limits of scientific discovery.

Lab Printing

Requests relating to printing in on-campus ITS computer labs.

ITS Computer Labs

Requests relating to device or software support for machines in on-campus ITS computer labs.

Mainframe Printing

Mainframe Printing Issues

Print Desk

Services provided by the ITS Print Desk found in the LSU Library.


Services related to Unified Endpoint Configuration Management

Services (4)

Computer Troubleshooting

Computer Troubleshooting for LSU owned devices.

Degauss Magnetic Media

To have magnetic media permanently erased by LSU ITS.

ITS Computer Store Request

Request the purchase of computers and peripherals including Dell and Apple desktops and laptops, docks, monitors, etc.

Printing Troubleshooting

Printing Troubleshooting for LSU owned devices.