Online & Continuing Education IT support services.

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Services related to Moodle course set up, troubleshooting and its included academic technology applications and tools.

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OCE Data & Reporting Troubleshooting

Data is distributed among several major departmental systems, which are integrated and upon which reports are built. This service is used to request assistance with data discrepancies, broken reports, integration problems, etc.

OCE Equipment Setup Request

Request to setup a new piece of equipment (printer, web cam, etc.)

OCE Fileserver Troubleshooting

For assistance with an OCE fileserver.

OCE Outreach Troubleshooting

For assistance with the OCE Outreach email system or an Outreach domain account.

OCE Password Reset Request

OCE Staff can use this service to request a password reset for Salesforce, Five9, Jenzabar, or Outreach Email.

OCE Registration System Troubleshooting

For assistance with the OCE registration system.

OCE Other

General inquiry if no other service offering matches what you need.