Event Branding Guidelines


These guidelines apply to all event categories.

  • Branding for all events must include the LSU logo and adhere to the LSU logo usage guidelines found in this Logos and Signatures category of the Knowledge Base.
  • The event may not share a name with another separate event on campus. It is up to the unit putting on the event to ensure there is no duplication prior to finalizing the branding.
  • It must be clear on your materials who is hosting the event. The LSU logo or unit signature must be present, prominent, and displayed with enough contrast to be easily visible so that LSU maintains a presence in connection with the event and is not getting lost on the event materials. 
  • There should be cohesion across your event’s materials. Understanding there are different Trademark Licensing guidelines for apparel, there should still be a connection between your event materials (i.e., t-shirt → print → digital) and maintain compliant with respective guidelines.
  • Event branding elements should never be embedded into email signatures.Doing so negatively impacts email accessibility. See recommendations for email accessibility best practices found on lsu.edu/accessibility and follow proper email signature guidance provided in all messages sent from your LSU email account.
  • If you are creating a brand graphic for your event, a year must be incorporated into the graphic.
  • Acronyms or abbreviations are not allowed to identify your event. They require explanation and mean little to those without prior knowledge of the event. Visit the Internal communications section of the Knowledge Base to learn more on nomenclature. 
  • The brand icons from the brand icon library should not be used to create marks for your event. These are intended to be used as icons on LSU branded materials and should be used consistently to represent the universal themes identified. 

How is an Event Brand Different From a Logo?

LSU logo refers to the Louisiana State University logo—primary and full name versions. (See Logo Usage Guidelines for details.)

Signature or Unit Signature refers to the unit-specific branding for colleges, divisions, departments, and offices across the campus, and is also considered an official LSU logo. (See Unit Signatures for details.)

Event Brand refers to the typographic treatment or graphic element being used to brand the event.


Incorporating the LSU logo with Event Brands



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