Graphic Elements: Iconography

Iconography largely plays a utilitarian role in the brand, helping add visual aid to copy in both digital and print mediums. No icon should ever be used as a logo or primary visual element. Iconography is available via the LSU CC Libraries or in the assets available for download in the Introduction to Graphic Elements article. If you have specific icon needs not addressed in this library, Communications & University Relations will gladly collaborate with you to expand these offerings for the campus. Simply use the Project Description field on the Project Request Form to describe the icon you would like to see, or create or sketch your icon in the same style shown here and attach it to the form, and select "Graphic Design" as the project type to begin the collaborative process. Once we’ve worked together to create an icon that uniformly represents an idea for you and the entire campus, we will add that icon to the resources available to everyone. Working together, we can ensure there will not be multiple icons for the same concept in circulation.

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