Conferences & Consortium Events

Even though these events are open to the public, they deviate from public events in their scope and mission, and require special parameters.


Academic conferences put on by LSU units help to spread the academic mission of the university beyond the gates of the campus. They are competing in the open market both for attendees and to represent LSU academics as innovative, rigorous, and relevant among our peer institutions. In order to meet the marketing needs for these events, they are permitted the use of guidelines in the Campus Event section, rather than those set for public events.


Academic Consortium Events 

In the case of public-facing events held on the LSU campus and conducted by an academic consortium in which other university members contribute both intellectual property and financial support in collaboration with LSU, the publications and collateral materials developed are exempted from compliance with these event standards. Materials for these events simply must include the LSU logo in a manner that is compliant with university brand standards and/or provide representation equal to other consortium members. 

Please note that if LSU is the sole funding source for an event held on the LSU campus that presents intellectual property from a consortium, LSU should be recognized appropriately as the event host.

The 2018 Breaux Symposium was co-produced by LSU and The George Washington University (GWU). Because of the shared intellectual property, shared cost, and collaboration, the cover design for book documenting the event (left) is branded with a neutral color palette and design approved by the consortium. The LSU logo and the GWU logo are both displayed on the bottom of the piece.


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