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Approvals within our office have changed slightly. This information details when you need an approval and when you dont!

Brand Guide

The LSU brand is more than a logo and school colors. It’s what students, faculty, alumni, peers, and outside onlookers think, feel, and respond to when they encounter anything and everything LSU. Our Brand Guide provides a framework to help you work within and adhere to the LSU brand in both your copy and design.

Adherence to these guidelines is mandatory to remain consistent in our communications.

Internal Communications

Information about communicating with the internal LSU audience.

LSU Logos

View the LSU logo guidelines for the official logos and unit signatures. Login to myLSU to download files.

Media Relations

Information related to media advisories, press releases, communicating news and feature articles to the media, finding a faculty member who can provide an expert opinion, arranging interviews, etc.


Information about pricing, copyrights, and working with external vendors.

Video Production

Branding your videos, how to request a project, and video resources.

Social Media

Best practices, accessibility, and LSU social media policy.

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