Logo Usage Guidelines

These guidelines are offered as a resource to help LSU faculty and staff correctly use the LSU logo in their communication efforts on behalf of the university. Please note that this document is focused on branding applications for marketing collateral including print, digital, and environmental graphics. If you are ordering promotional items, please contact the LSU Trademark Licensing office for special instructions regarding use of the logos with the registered trademark symbol (®) and ordering from licensed vendors. 

Basic Requirements

  • The LSU logo is primary for all campus communication pieces.
  • The LSU logo must appear as the dominant mark on the front of all publications and websites representing any entity within the Louisiana State University organizational structure.
  • The LSU logo should never appear smaller than 1 inch in width. The LSU logo with the accompanying full name should never appear smaller than 1.5 inches in width.

Limited Color Palette

The LSU logo may only appear in the following approved LSU colors: purple, gold, black, white, and gray. The logo must appear using 100 percent full saturation of the official colors. Tinting is not allowed.

Do Not Crowd the Logo

There must be a protected area surrounding the logo. This ensures no other graphic elements interfere with the clarity and integrity of the LSU letters.

Do Not Edit the Logo

Placing anything in front of, adding a stroke or outline to, or adding gradients, patterns, or effects to any official LSU logos is prohibited.

Do Not Enclose the Logo in a Box

Borders, boxes, or shapes may not be placed around or behind the LSU logo, including a white box.

LSU Stands Alone

The LSU logo may not be combined with other graphic marks or logos to create a sub-brand.


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