Unit Signatures

The LSU signatures provide unit-specific branding for colleges, divisions, departments, and offices across the campus. These are your logos and should be used in lieu of creating unique logos for your departments. There are two variations of the LSU signature: the horizontal and the vertical. These marks are set up exclusively by Communications & University Relations to ensure consistency, and they should not be edited or revised. 

Signature Requests

Signatures set up in all of the approved colors are available for download on the Communications & University Relations service portal. If you have a new department or your unit has undergone a name change, complete this signature request form with your updated or new information to submit your request.

Please note, unit signatures are not provided for programs. If you are promoting a program held by your department, use either the LSU logo or your department signature. The headline of your document or the main title of your design can then be the name of your program.

Signature Usage Guidelines

All the LSU logo usage guidelines linked here also apply to the LSU signatures.


Horizontal Unit Signature



Vertical Unit Signature



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