Event Planning Checklist

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Below are some helpful tips in helping you to plan your event. Please note, all events are different and will require varying degrees of time and planning. Its always best to start as early as possible to ensure you are able to bring your plans to life. 

Twelve to Six Months Before the Event

  • Reserve date on key players’ calendars 
  • Reserve venue 
  • Reserve hotel rooms 
  • Book caterer 
  • Book entertainment if relevant
  • Begin communications plan for event marketing or invitations
  • Arrange for equipment: 
    • PA system 
    • Podium 
    • Stage 
    • Tables 
    • Chairs 
    • Projector 
    • TV/VCR 
    • Lighting 
    • Flowers 
    • Plants 

Two Months Before the Event

  • Mail invitations and RSVPs for a private event
  • Begin publicizing if it's a public event

One Month Before the Event

  • Meet with caterer to select menu, review venue setup, arrival time, etc. 
  • Confirm speakers 
  • Ramp up marketing for a public event

One Week Before the Event

  • Send caterer final count and vegetarian count 
  • Alert caterer to attendee food allergies 

Day Before the Event

  • Print name tags 
  • Print place cards or seating assignments 

Day of Event

  • Review with caterer: serving order, outline of event such as the timing of remarks, etc. 
  • Decorate and arrange materials at venue 
  • Test equipment such as audio/video 
  • Place welcome baskets in hotel rooms of guests
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