Recognizing Event Sponsors


LSU units often find they need to either recognize unaffiliated off-campus entities or fellow campus units that have provided support or resources to help make their event possible. This section provides guidance on how to appropriately incorporate brand recognition for sponsors in your event materials. 

Recognition of sponsors may be handled in any number of ways. Some examples include:

  • “Thank you to our generous sponsor [insert single sponsor name].”
  • “Thank you to our generous sponsors:” Follow this statement with a written list of multiple sponsors.
  • “Thank you to our generous sponsor(s).” Follow this statement with placement of one or more sponsor logos. 

Recognizing Multiple LSU Sponsors

As campus units partner with one another to host events, a need may arise to acknowledge multiple campus units on the same piece of collateral material. These materials should not repeat the LSU logo by placing multiple unit signatures. Instead the following multi-unit signature should be used. To request a multi-unit signature, use the New/Updated Signatures request form in our Service Catalog. Be sure to list the departments you need included in your multi-unit signature in the project description field. 

Horizontal Multi-Unit Signature

No more than three units may be listed on the horizontal version of this signature.

Vertical Multi-Unit Signature

For longer listings of supporting units, use the vertical signature. 

Note, it is never permissible to list entities unrelated to LSU in this signature.

Social Media Sponsor Recognition

When recognizing sponsors on social media, it is important that your unit does not inadvertently or intentionally recommend or endorse a sponsor’s product or service rather than thanking them for their support of LSU. For that reason we recommend the following guidelines:


  • Tag a sponsor in the image used for the tweet about your event. You can see in the LSU tweet below that we tagged College of Science and three other accounts in the image. This allowed us to use fewer characters in the copy of the tweet, keeping it cleaner and easier for consumption but still providing visibility for a sponsor.
  • Directly @mentioning a sponsor may be appropriate in some circumstances, but please be aware that you are not permitted to endorse or recommend sponsor products or services.

Facebook & Instagram

Facebook has made it very easy for page operators to include paid sponsors in a post. The sponsor is clearly identified as a “Paid Partnership.” See the attached LSU Basketball Facebook page post.

Being Recognized as an Event Sponsor

Once Finance & Administration has signed off on your unit sponsoring an event unaffiliated with LSU, the LSU logo, if used for recognition, will need to be present at a scale that is appropriate for the university’s involvement in that event.

The following represent possible scenarios and treatments for those executions:

  • If LSU is the primary sponsor of the event, the LSU logo or unit signature should hold a greater prominence than the secondary sponsors, be that through size, positioning, or both.
  • If LSU is at an equal sponsorship level with other entities, the LSU logo or unit signature should be comparable in size and position to the other logos.

Logo usage guidelines should be adhered to at all times, with special attention paid to the logo clear space guidelines provided.



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