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Services or Offerings?
Use this request if you need to add space to an application or share.

Support for those Legacy Applications that support University processes such as, but not limited to, course scheduling, assessment, billing statement and fee bill, add/drop, degree audit, financial aid (Federal and Scholarship), grade posting, etc.

Use this request if you want to give a new or current employee access to a shared network drive.

Troubleshooting for unable to connect to a network share. Please provide the share name and not the drive letter.

For assistance in troubleshooting Microsoft Office 365, and any applications that are included in the suite.

Use this template to request access to reporting data from within an application.

Troubleshooting problems with access, configuration, or applications in VLAB.

Request for training on a wide variety of technologies and software applications that can be used to enhance teaching, learning, and research at LSU.

Requests to establish GeauxGrants accounts for graduate students and undergraduate students that need to submit disclosures or other research applications as well as for employees that need to submit or administer disclosures, proposals, or other research applications for a campus that is not their primary campus.

To report a potential phishing email to the LSU ITSP team.

Report issues with installing Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook), Microsoft Teams, or other Microsoft related products

Requests for consulting services including exceptions, security consulting, security reviews, etc.

Requesting a new Microsoft Teams be made for a functional unit or process.

Request an update to an employee's account in Workday.​​​​​​​

Question about making edits in WordPress. Or question regarding an error encountered in WordPress.