Art Exhibits


This event category is intended to address the specific needs of the College of Art & Design and other units across campus that deal with exhibiting original works of art as part of the university’s academic mission. Anything outside of the academic mission of creative scholarship, in all likelihood, falls under Campus Events, outlined previously.

Understanding that works of art are intended to be appreciated as they were created, the following guidelines have been established:

  • Art exhibitions are defined as an event displaying original artwork in a gallery-like setting. The featured artist’s unaltered artwork may be used for promotion of the event. 
  • Colors used in place of purple and gold must either be derived from the featured artwork or be black, white, or gray. 
  • Brand fonts must be used exclusively and logo usage guidelines must be adhered to.
  • Graphic design work created for the promotion of an event does not qualify as original artwork.
  • This category does not include promoting performances, speakers/lecture series, or compilations of events being presented by campus units over the course of a semester. Compilation pieces should comply with public event guidelines.

In the above example, the unaltered original artwork being showcased is the primary visual, supported by a color palette of black and white, and the use of Proxima Nova.



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