Campus Events


Campus events are attended by the internal campus community including incoming (see definition below) and current students, faculty, and staff.In order to keep the brand experience fresh for the campus community, a relaxed brand presence is permitted in this category. While the event must still be clearly affiliated with LSU, a consistent presentation of LSU by way of brand elements (brand fonts and graphic elements) is not required. 

The following guidelines are available to help brand events for the campus community: 

  • While a complete branded look is not required, the colors purple and gold must maintain a dominant presence in the branding of these events. 
  • LSU logo usage guidelines must be followed. 
  • ONE accent color of your choice may be used in your compositions. 
  • Should you choose not to use the official brand fonts, a list of well-designed fonts is available for reference. 

Incoming Students 

A person is considered an incoming student during the period after attending orientation through to Move-in Day. These events may have their own look that follows campus event guidelines defined in this section. However, given that incoming students may still be making a decision and that LSU is still technically recruiting them, a branded band that is consistent with prospective student branding will need to be present. Templates for this brand element, which helps bridge the visual gap between prospective and current student event branding, can be found in the Branded Graphics Toolkit.


A branded band element may be used in conjunction with the event’s unique branding. This allows for event branding flexibility while maintaining a strong connection to the LSU brand.

Campus Event Graphic Elements 

Campus Event Accent Colors 

The use of accent colors is intended to supplement purple and gold and provide some brand flexibility in branding campus events. Accent colors are not considered official LSU colors, nor should they be used in place of purple and gold. If an accent color is used, the following conditions must be met: 

  • ONE accent color of your choice may be used in your compositions. 
  • The accent color may be a maximum 15 percent of each composition. 
  • Official LSU purple and gold must be incorporated in your composition in one of two proportions:
    • Official LSU purple and gold must be a minimum 40 percent of each composition with an accent color, OR 
    • Brand bands in the following proportions: Vertical compositions: 15 percent of the height is dedicated to the LSU brand band. Horizontal compositions: 25 percent of the height is dedicated to the LSU brand band 

Above: This event promotion adds an accent color to brand the event more distinctly. It uses academic imagery in a refined way to communicate the educational nature of the event. It uses an alternate font, but maintains a predominant purple and gold presence for brand compliance. The official LSU purple and LSU gold are incorporated into the design to forge a strong visual tie back to the LSU brand.

Above: Illustrations of the vertical and horizontal brand band proportion requirements. 

Below: 1.5 inch squares with 40% purple and gold, and 15% recommended accent color used to illustrate the required proportions

Campus Event Typography 

In addition to the overall brand typography options, the following type treatments may also be incorporated into your campus event branding materials.

Campus Event Stylized Font Selection 

The fonts listed below are a selection of well-designed, stylized fonts that can help to set a distinct tone for your campus event. Your unit is responsible for purchasing the appropriate licenses for any fonts listed below.

Campus Event Iconography 

A wider variation of icon styles and color combinations are available for campus events.

Campus Event Photo Treatment 

In addition to the overall brand photography and photo treatment guidelines, framing an image with its own image or a related texture may also be incorporated into your campus event branding materials. Play with scale, color, and opacity to set it apart.




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