Official LSU Logos


LSU logos are the cornerstone of the LSU brand. Their use represents our excellence in academics, research, outreach, and athletics to audiences worldwide. These logos are distributed by both LSU Communications & University Relations, which manages the use of the logo by campus communities and external consultants providing professional services to the university, and LSU Trademark Licensing, which manages the use of LSU marks for retail sales and by entities in contractual partnerships with LSU.

The Primary and Full Name LSU logos are available via myLSU to LSU faculty and staff. Visit the Logo & Signature Downloads article in our Knowledge Base to download the primary LSU logos shown below. You will be prompted to provide your myLSU login ID and password in order to access the files. 

If you or your institution has an academic affiliation to LSU, please complete our logo request form. We will review your request and if approved, we will supply the electronic files in the format requested. If you are interested in becoming a licensed vendor, please contact Trademark Licensing to inquire about the process to obtain logo access.

Students and student groups are not permitted to use the LSU logo. For information on how student organizations may affiliate with LSU, vist the Campus Life website.

Primary University Logos

LSU Logo

This is the main identifier for all campus communications and LSU branding.

LSU logo


Full Name LSU Logo

This is also a main identifier for the university and must be used on any materials intended for international audiences. 

LSU logo with Louisiana State University spelled out


Athletics Marks & University Seal

The use of the athletics marks is restricted to LSU Athletics and is managed by LSU Trademark Licensing. The university seal is limited for use on commencement and official documents (i.e., diplomas, certificates, legal documents, etc.) The seal is managed by Communications & University Relations in coordination with the University Registrar. 



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