Add/Remove a Social Media Account

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What is it?

We maintain a directory of all LSU social media channels. To be included in this list, colleges, departments, and units managing social media accounts must contact us to provide the following information: 

  • Name of unit
  • Social Media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, TikTok, etc.
  • Social Media URL for each channel
  • Email account tied to the channel – must be a university provided email account
  • Name of department contact responsible for account

In the event of additions or changes, each college, department, or unit is responsible for updating this information with the university's central social media team. Additionally, if you need to remove an account we can help you with that process.

Who is eligible?

LSU colleges, departments, and units managing social media accounts. 

How do I get it?

Click the "Request Service" button on this page. 

Request Service


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