Anniversary Logos


Occasionally, LSU will celebrate anniversaries that merit their own logo. In these cases, special marks may be developed to facilitate consistent presentation and promotion across the university. So as to not confuse the community outside of LSU or undermine the goal of celebrating a university anniversary, it is necessary that these logos leverage the LSU brand and work within the LSU brand guidelines.

The following must be followed when developing a logo of this kind:

  • LSU departments celebrating quarterly anniversaries (e.g., 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th, etc.) are permitted to have a customized anniversary logo. They may also opt to use the pre-designed anniversary logos (see below).
  • LSU programs conducted by a department celebrating a quarterly anniversary may use a pre-designed logo that can be customized with the program name.
  • Non-quarterly anniversaries (e.g., 30th, 27th, 45th, etc.) may be celebrated and noted in copy or with a tagline, but a logo may not be created for those events.
  • Anniversary logos are developed and distributed with their own set of brand guidelines that must be followed.
  • Logos for anniversaries are temporary and must have a designated start and end date for their usage.
  • Anniversary logos are not meant replace the LSU or departmental logo, but to be used in conjunction with them.


To request the pre-designed logos, start a project using the Main Project Request form in the Service Catalog. Check Graphic Design for your project type, and provide a description of your anniversary mark request in the Project Description field.



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