LSU Brand Colors


The updated LSU color palette reduces the number of colors officially tied to the LSU brand and helps to provide a consistent and simple brand presentation. There are now three colors in each purple and gold spectrum. These are not interchangeable with the primary color palette but instead are available to give the brand flexibility when it comes to editorial design and web design. The LSU logo may only appear in the official LSU Purple, LSU Gold, black, gray, or white. The LSU logos on the swatches below indicate approved logo colors. See the Logo Usage Guide section for details.

Primary Colors

Tonal Palette

Neutral Palette

Metallic Foils

Purple: Crown 61216

Gold: API California Gold or Crown 410

Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, click to the links below to follow CC Libraries managed by LSU Communications & University Relations:

LSU Colors CMYK Coated

LSU Colors CMYK Uncoated

LSU Colors RGB 

LSU Brush Strokes CMYK

LSU Brush Strokes RGB

LSU Tiger Stripes CMYK

LSU Tiger Stripes RGB





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