How to Access Slate Reader

How to Access Slate Reader

This article is related to faculty members accessing Slate Reader.

Please see the instructions below:

  1. How to Access Slate Reader
  2. To access Slate, please visit:
  3. Login using your myLSU ID and password.
  4. Click Applications to enter Slate Reader.
  5. On the left, click Queue. Here you will see all applications currently assigned to you as a reviewer. Click Browse if no applications have been assigned to you.
  6. To view the applicants currently assigned to you, click on the applicant’s name.
  7. The left side of the screen will provide links to various sections of the applications such as official or unofficial transcripts received, test scores (verified or self-reported), resume/cv, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation and other supporting documents.
  8. Faculty Review Form
  9. Once the application has been added to your queue, you can enter a recommendation similar to AppReview. On the lower right-hand side, click Review Form/Send to Bin.
  10. Under Faculty Recommendation, click the dropdown menu to select your recommendation. You also have the ability to enter comments under the Additional Comments section
  11. The last step in submitting your recommendation is to click Send at the bottom of the review form. This captures your recommendation and removes the applicant from your review queue.
  12. For CA Authorizers
  13. For Department Approvers - To make your admission recommendation to the Graduate School, click on CA Authorizer Final Recommendation. If Admit is selected, you will have additional options for recommendation such as Admit (Regular), Admit on Probation, or Admit and Waive GRE/GMAT Requirements.
  14. Lastly, under Send to Bin, for the dropdown menu under Next Bin, please select Graduate School Decision Review. This will route your final recommendation to the Graduate School for review
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